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DR's Secret TOUCH

DR's Secret TOUCH

Your personal aesthetician using massage and therapies to reveal fresh and nourished skin



3D Vibration

  • Mimics professional massage techniques
  • Encourages natural lymphatic drainage
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Relaxes tired muscles


  • Positive and negative ions help nutrients penetrate into skin

Magnetic Therapy

  • Enjoy skin revitalisation
  • Natural rosy complexion

Colour Therapy

  • Red and Blue Light for skin rejuvenation and calmed skin

Sound Therapy

  • Relax with your favourite music
  • Rhythmic vibration of music relaxes and soothes skin

Titanium Head

  • Suitable for all skin types
DR's Secret TOUCH device


Cleansing Mode

Removes impurities thoroughly

Eye-Zone Mode

Eliminates puffy eye look, dark circles and eye bags

Facial Mode

Nourishes skin to perfection

Lifting Mode

Lifts and tones skin

Vitamin C Mode

Works with Vitamin C for enhanced antioxidant effect


Apply cleanser or skin care product on face. Choose Mode of choice and adjust vibration level.

Massage in small circulation motions or in smooth stroking motions as shown.

DR's Secret touch how to use circular motion
Massage in small circular motions across your face.
DR's Secret touch how to use long smooth strokes
Massage with long smooth strokes across your face.

For Eye-Zone Mode, apply eye cream around eye area. Select 'E' Mode and adjust vibration level. For sensitive skin users, do not use vibration. Pause Touch at each spot for 2-3 seconds or massage upwards as shown.

DR's Secret Touch how to use place and pause
Place and pause at each spot for 2-3 beeping sounds.
DR's Secret Touch how to use massage
Massage in short gentle strokes around the eye, pausing at each arrow for 2-3 beeping sounds.